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Urbandale IA Locksmith Store Urbandale, IA 515-310-3268All of us here at Urbandale IA Locksmith Store have homes and families, so we understand how important it is to you to keep both of them safe. Everyone deserves a place in the world where they can retreat from the pressures of everyday life and spend time with the ones they love most. Whether you're dealing with threats from unsavory individuals or you are locked out of your own home, you can call on us at all hours for help. We provide smart lock installation, rekeying locks on doors, broken key extraction, and several other services for our residential customers.

Broken Locks

Coming home to discover a jammed or broken lock is so frustrating that many people attempt to fix the problem themselves. Unfortunately, this usually makes it worse. Your key may snap in two or you may find that it gets completely stuck in your door lock. Both of these situations make it impossible to use either your lock or key. As soon as you discover a problem with your residential lock, contact Urbandale IA Locksmith Store for immediate assistance. We're nearby and have the tools to help without causing more damage.

Lost Keys

Losing a house key is such a common experience that nearly everyone can relate to it. However, that doesn't make it any less of a hassle when it happens to you and you can't get into your own home. Urbandale IA Locksmith Store is just a phone call away and will arrive promptly with the tools needed to create a replacement key. We do this without breaking a window or removing a door as you might have had to do without our assistance.

Emergency Lock Changes

If the lock at your home has been tampered with or you have reason to feel concerned for your safety, contacting Urbandale IA Locksmith Store for emergency lock changes is always your best bet. New lock installation on doors will allow you to breathe a little easier knowing that whoever has attempted to invade your security will be thwarted if it happens again. If you manage a multi-unit dwelling, contact us whenever a tenant moves out to change the locks.

We are fully committed to ensuring your home security through our 24-hour residential locksmith services. The technicians at Urbandale IA Locksmith Store seek your complete satisfaction at every job. If anything prevents you from feeling 100 percent pleased with our services, just let your technician know. He or she will continue working on the issues until it is resolved to your satisfaction. Our company understands that your residential property in Urbandale, IA is a major investment. We also know that keeping your family secure is your biggest priority.